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Covering the forefronts of gastronomy

With its global reach, the app and online forum 12forward aims to identify and highlight restaurants and initiatives that impact the future of gastronomy. Not only do we help our readers find the most enticing experiences, places and scenes where new directions are explored and evolution is happening in real time, we also give them in-depth stories to envision where gastronomy is heading.

In each featured city, we list twelve paragons of progressive gastronomy, ranging from fine dining restaurants to unpretentious bistros and hole-in-the-wall joints. The lists, compiled by local experts in the culinary arts, are continuously updated; new entries result in older ones getting knocked off. More cities are added continuously.

Increasingly, progressive gastronomy is also about health and sustainability. Currently, we see many brave initiatives that rethink various links in our food system, benefiting both people and planet. Yes, we cover that frontier too in engaging articles published both online (12fwd.com) and on the app (iPhone and Android).

12forward is a spin-off of the White Guide, the leading Nordic restaurant guide.

The 12forward editorial committee is chaired by White Guide Publisher Lars Peder Hedberg and includes Executive Editor Argot Murelius and Editor Per Styregård. Commercial relationships are handled by Peter Hansson.

White Guide

Since 2004, the White Guide has been a driving force in the evolution of Nordic gastronomy, promoting culinary arts and a thriving, responsible restaurant scene. The guide openly supports innovation, sustainability and the many unparalleled joys of eating out. White Guide’s selection and scoring criteria are entirely transparent, restaurants are reviewed anonymously, meals are paid for and the reviews combine serious food critique with inspiring journalism and up-to-date guiding information in various formats.

White Guide Global – one step beyond

White Guide Global AB is the owner of all White Guide brands and systems and the operational platform for international expansions. It develops and launches its own global services, such as 12forward, in addition to operating as a franchisor for country- or city-based local White Guides building on the Swedish and Danish formulas.

The White Guide initiatives, such as 12forward and The Global Gastronomy Awards, were created to further our firm commitment to culinary progress worldwide.

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12forward by White Guide is happy to partner with local and global corporations and organizations that wish to actively participate in driving gastronomy toward innovation and sustainability while supporting the exceptional pleasures of a shared meal.

Please note: We do not partner with restaurants or anyone we may assess.

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12forward by White Guide lists 12 eateries in each chosen city that represent the very forefront of gastronomy.

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