12forward, an initiative by the White Guide

We cover the forefront of gastronomy, so you don’t end up in its backwater

12forward is an initiative by White Guide, the leading Nordic restaurant guide system that is now expanding beyond the Nordic region through White Guide Global.

At 12forward we strive to find the initiatives that impact gastronomy’s future direction. We’re proud to support the evolution in culinary arts by recognising innovation at all its stages, and spread the news. We fully embrace food-forward as a driver of change, not only in what we eat but in how we live.

At this very moment we are eating our way through the world’s most advanced culinary cities. Radical gastronomy thrives in urban environments. This is where evolution is constantly pushed forward, boundaries are crossed and new directions explored. We aim to identify the truly cutting-edge eateries and outline the progress of gastronomy worldwide by explaining what these restaurants are up to.

We list the 12 eateries in each chosen city that at any given moment represent the very forefront of gastronomy – ranging from fine dining restaurants to hole-in-the wall joints–– the must-try places for any passionate "gastromad". The lists will be continuously updated; a new entry will result in an old one being taken off. New cities will be added continuously, to eventually cover the forefront of gastronomy in some 40 cities worldwide.

12forward is researched by contributing editors in each city in collaboration with the White Guide Global team, based in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and New York.

White Guide publisher Lars Peder Hedberg is chairing the Editorial Committee, which includes Executive Editor Argot Murelius, White Guide Nordic Editor Lena Ilkjaer, European Editor Per Meurling and co-publisher Erik Åfors. Commercial relationships are managed by Peter Hansson.

The White Guide

For more than ten years the White Guide has been a driving agent in the evolution of Nordic gastronomy by being completely open about its selection and marking criteria, while openly supporting innovation and sustainability and the unparalleled joy to meet and eat. Restaurants are always reviewed anonymously, meals are paid for, and the reviews combine serious food criticism with inspiring journalism and up-to-date guiding information in various formats.

The best of the Nordics: whiteguide-nordic.com or App Store.

White Guide Global – taking it further

White Guide Global AB is the owner of all White Guide brands and systems and the operational platform for international expansion. It will develop and launch its own global services, such as 12forward, in addition to operating as a franchisor for country- or city-based local White Guides building on the Swedish and Danish formula.

We commit to continue our support of progress in gastronomy worldwide, through The Global Gastronomy Awards and initiatives such as 12forward.

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12forward by White Guide happily partners with local and global corporations and organizations who want to take an active part in driving gastronomy forward towards innovation, resilience and the unparalleled joy to meet and eat.

Please note: We do not partner with restaurants or anyone we may assess.

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12forward by White Guide lists 12 eateries in each chosen city that represent the very forefront of gastronomy.

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