“Budget priced fare by celebrated chefs”

394/35 Maharaj Road, Tatien, Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang, Phranakorn, 10200, Bangkok, Thailand

+66 2 622 2291



Urban Rustic Thai – Essential Snacks in a Funky Setting

Claim to fame: Budget priced fare by celebrated chefs

Reason to go: The best fried egg on earth

To look out for: Newest local spirits

Err is not an error at all, but a way to Romanize the all-purpose Thai word for agreement, a “yes”, “okay” or “I hear ya’.” It’s also the latest spin-off project of celebrated chefs Duangporn “Bo” Songisava and Dylan “Lan” Jones, former protégées of Thai master David Thompson who combined forces and names to create the elegant yet profoundly authentic dinner house Bo.Lan. Err is a funky bar amidst riverside warehouses, close to the famed Buddhist temple Wat Po, where the duo can experiment with playful starters and snacks – a casual outlet for their shared creativity.

Charmingly displayed and properly Romanized on a retro-style menu, the mini-plates range from simple smoked sausages to satisfying drink accompaniments such as watermelon seeds with kaffir lime. The menu features fresh mussels, best in Hoi Op Woon Seen, over glass noodles with black bean sauce. They even dare put out Geng Deng Gai Sai Fuck, a red curry of melon and chicken on the bone, and, in addition to more common salads, an Issan-style mélange of squid “wings” and toasted rice. A sure sign of the couple’s deft hand and artistry is the Yum Kai Dao, a single egg dropped in oil to create a lacy explosion drenched in a lovely fish sauce. One yolk here becomes a work of art.

In common Thai-style, the décor is an eclectic mix of vintage movie posters, artworks, sparkling gems and oddities, creating a kind of other-worldly environment for fun dates and laid-back dining. Wall-couches and rows of pillows encourage lingering, preferably over a tipple. The drinks are also entirely based on the latest array of local brews and distilleries, offering a great chance to try traditional medicinal liquors, Thai rum, rice wine and local spirits created from corn, bananas and passion fruit.


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