“Germany’s coolest cocktail- and dessert bar”

Friedelstraße 47, 12047, Berlin, Tyskland

(+49) 309-1496396

Drinks, dessert, danke!

Claim to fame: Germany’s coolest cocktail- and dessert bar

Reason to go: Your mom was wrong, you can so have only desserts for dinner

To look out for: The impeccably well curated cocktail pairing

Only in Berlin could a highly acclaimed chef open a fine dining destination devoted entirely to desserts. CODA is what you get when you pour a luxe patisserie and a slick Berlin cocktail bar in a well-designed shaker. Chefs René Frank’s and Oliver Bischoff’s experimental project, or highball if you like, is a dining experience unlike any other in Germany. Claim a seat at the bar or at one of the concrete tables, then let Frank and his talented crew of chefs and bartenders treat you to a tasting menu that’ll make you completely reevaluate your preconceived notions of what dessert really is.

Chef Frank’s massive experience and previous position as head pastry chef at fine dining institution La Vie in Osnabrück shows in the flawless execution of his gastronomic concept. The service is young and smart and the vibe eclectic, exactly what you’d expect a wickedly funky Berlin dessert cocktail bar to be. Cleverly, Frank’s creations never venture too far into the realm of sweetness as he works entirely without added sugar. The tasting is kept interesting with plates that also run in savory directions with flavor vehicles like cheese and vegetables. The result are signature dishes like his chocolate mousse, which he serves with a pickled plum and tonka bean ice cream, dried plums, chicory sauce and coal dust and which arrives on your table under a smoke-filled glass dome. As the dome is uncovered the paired glass of lambrusco gets misted with peated whisky – a culinary showcase that leaves no senses or emotions untouched.

The unassuming facade of CODA is hardly worthy of this trailblazing project that strikes every note of Berlin cool and whose reputation already extends far beyond the city’s borders. Rest assured that we’ve only seen the beginning of Frank’s sensational Willy Wonka-like creations.

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