A Week of Delicious Scraps, Leftovers and Recovered Traditions

The food waste recovery week Tempi di Recupero was founded 2012 by Carlo Catani, former director of the University of Gastronomic Science in Pollenzo. Initially, his goal was merely to create a platform for informal dinner gatherings where the guests were encouraged to discuss important food sustainability issues, today, however, it is a considerably larger movement, incorporating restaurants across the globe.

The project focuses on three aspects of food ’recovery’: the reuse/repurposing of leftovers; the revival of culinary traditions at risk of being forgotten; and the resurgence of overlooked or underrated ingredients.

Or in Carlo Catani’s own words: “In Italian football lingo, ’tempi di recupero’ are the final minutes of stoppage time, or injury time. The last chance to change the outcome of the match. Today we find ourselves in those minutes, during which we have to change our food habits, change course and learn how to stop wasting food.”

On November 16 to 24 of this year, each participating restaurant will create its own "recycling"/"recovery" menu as an alternative to its regular bill of fare. Having started in northern Italy, Tempi di Recupero has spread to other parts of Europe, Asia, North and South America.

The majority of the proceeds will be donated to two projects with similar ambitions; Massimo Bottura’s “Food for Soul”; and Slow Food’s “Food for Change Campaign”.

12forward by White Guide lists 12 eateries in each chosen city that represent the very forefront of gastronomy.

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