Los Angeles-Based Coalition Helping Restaurants and Charities

Encouraging diners to buy gift cards from their favorite eateries was one of the first – and easiest – ways for restaurants worldwide to alleviate some of the financial hardships caused by the Corona crisis. In Los Angeles, however, one grassroots coalition has taken things a step further. One More Helping, launched in early April by a group of local restaurateurs, incentivizes support of their own industry through goodwill toward another. For every gift card purchased, the participating restaurants donate $1 to a charity of their choice.

The One More Helping website lists all of the participating restaurants, 24 and counting, as well as their charity partners. Even temporarily closed establishments are urged to join the cause.

Chef Brooke Williamson and Nick Roberts of Playa Provisions (pictured) are donating to No Kid Hungry, an organization that aims to give all children access to healthy food through school meal programs across the USA. Chef Daniel Patterson & Team at Alta Adams have chosen to contribute to The Cooking Project, a community initiative that teaches young people fundamental cooking skills. Onda is donating to Upward Bound House, a nonprofit that provides homeless families with housing and support, while the team at Auburn are working with Alexandria House, another nonprofit that grants safe housing for women and children in need.

The initiative has partnered with Los Angeles magazine and Wagstaff Media & Marketing, it will be active through May 31. All e-commerce is managed by the individual restaurants.

Photo: Ryan Tanaka

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